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Things You Wouldn’t Necessarily Do Under Normal Circumstances

There are definitely some things I wouldn’t do if I were at home. But here on the road, it’s different.
For example, I would never decide to cut layers into my own (dry) hair because it was really flat one morning. And as a follow up to that, I also wouldn’t snip a little more off here and there every time my hair “didn’t go right”. Nope, I wouldn’t do that.
Another thing I wouldn’t do is let my kids go for days without showering. Or brushing their hair. Or changing their clothes. And when they said something like “Mom, I think this is dirty – I’ve worn it four days in row”, I would not say, “Unless it has stains all over it, it’s clean”.
And back to me. I wouldn’t leave the house without blot powder, eye liner and mascara. It’s been over a month since my shiny face saw any blot powder, and my eyes have all but disappeared due to lack of eyeliner.
I wouldn’t use toilets without seats.
I wouldn’t feed my kids a pack of cookies for lunch.
I wouldn’t “do math” while carving a pumpkin. (But just in case you ever want to, the possibilities are endless! Circumference, estimation of number of seeds, counting by 100s…the list goes on.)
I wouldn’t watch Danse Avec Les Stars on tv. Or Legally Blond in Spanish. Just because.
I wouldn’t inadvertently spend £15 on a big hunk of something I don’t even like at a French open market.

And that’s it for now. Although there are many more. I think this post will warrant a Part II.

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