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On Meeting the Goals One Sets…

So, I did set some goals for us to have completed by the end of this weekend, and it is dangerously close to the end of this weekend, so here is my report on that aforementioned completion:

I believe I said I would have booked something, anything. I didn’t. Credit card too full.

I also said I would have decided which Central American city we would go to first. Did that. The winner is…Belize! More specifically, Caye Caulker, which I think will be a very pleasant way to ease into the new culture and climate (unless of course, it’s hurricane season in which case being on a five mile long, one mile wide Island might not actually be the way to go). But what with the tropical breezes and the sandy streets and the no vehicles, I’m thinking I will probably not want to leave.

I can’t remember off the top of my head what the other goals were. One of them was probably to breathe. Still struggling with that one. We do, however, have flights picked (on airlines other than Spirit obviously), and all that remains is to actually book them. And we even have a second destination in mind – Tikal, Guatemala.

So, all is not lost. As far as the goal setting goes, I’d say on a scale of 1-10, I’d give myself a 6.5. But I definitely get a 10 for effort!

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“Spirited” Away…

I was so excited yesterday; I discovered a flight that was going to save our family $2000! I couldn’t understand why it hadn’t come up before on any of the searches I had done. I went to the website – Spirit Airlines – all looked legit. It was an American airline, not a third-world operation or anything, so in my head I thought, “OK, this is fantastic – we will be able to do so much more now that we are saving so much on flights!”.

At some point that afternoon, I remembered the old adage, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” so I decided to look online to see if anyone else had flown with Spirit Airlines. And they had. Some of the most articulate and disgusted people in the world have evidently flown with Spirit, and they really like to rant about it.

After my initial disappointment at the realization that yes, it was actually too good to be true, and no, we would not be saving $2000 or doing any extra stuff, I continued to read the reviews purely for entertainment purposes. Here are a few sample quotes:

The minute you have to start dealing with the people at Spirit, you are toast!

They suck.

Spirit couldn’t pay me to fly with them.

This is not an airline; it is a stale, worm-infested sardine can with wings.

You’re better off swimming or jogging to where you need to go.

I’d rather chew my arm off than fly Spirit again. F you Spirit. F you hard.

Never. Never. Never again.

One star since we did actually arrive at our destination without a death.

NO NO no no no no NO DON’T DO IT! 

Evil Spirit

One of my main goals in life is to put Spirit Airlines out of business.

The ultimate worst.

So, there you have it. I guess we won’t be getting “Spirited” away any time soon!

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A Calendar (and planning panic).

Although it seems ridiculously late for this, and if you are reading this, you are probably questioning our sanity, but we finally sat down last night with a calendar and loosely mapped out the next three months. And I do mean loosely. As in, on July 29 we will leave PEI. One week later we will arrive in Florida. Two days later we will fly to some unknown destination in Central America…..all culminating in flying to England on October 4. But at least it’s something!

In a way,  this does make me feel a little better, because it’s the beginnings of an actual plan, but on the other hand, it makes me panic, because how is it that we have known about this trip for 4 years and one month before we leave, all we have is a loose plan for the first 3 months? Another thing that makes me somewhat anxious is the fact that although we do have this calendar, we have no flights booked, no accommodation booked – nothing booked. I think I need to book something. Yes, that’s what I need to do. Tomorrow, I will book a flight, or a hotel, or something…

How does this happen? How do we wait until the very last moment to do stuff? There are theories out there that would suggest we are actually creating chaos in our lives because we LIKE it. Can this be true? Evidence would certainly suggest that this may be the case. But I still refuse to believe it. Surely, this state of panicked existence can’t be what I strive for? Surely not.

I remember last summer,  feeling like I needed to do some serious planning, and then I got all anxious and decided to give myself permission to wait. Then I felt better. Now I don’t.

OK. It’s OK. It will all be OK. I just need to do something concrete and then I will feel better. I think I need some SMART goals! By the end of this weekend I will have booked at least one flight (possibly two), and I will have more destinations on the calendar. I will  have decided which Central American destination we will fly to initially. I will also have called someone to find out what inoculations we need to travel there.

Ahh, I just noticed that I am perpetuating one of the problems which leads to my panic. I’m issuing a correction. WE. We will complete these SMART goals by the end of this weekend. I am owning this and it’s not mine, it’s OURS.

It WILL be ok. Planning should be fun. And it WILL be fun. Fun weekend of planning, here WE come!

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Moving to Nowhere…Central America, Anyone?


So, we sold our house. I’ve been in denial for a while over this one – I like it there. In denial, I mean. At first, I kept saying, “oh, but they still need to sell their house”. Then they did, so I started saying, “oh, but they still have to have the inspection”. Then they did. Now, we have less than a month to vacate. Time to get out of denial.

The original plan had us staying on the Island until September, and then driving down the East Coast to Florida, hanging out down there for a while, and then somehow magically ending up on the other side of the Atlantic in England sometime in late September or October. Now, since we have to move out on July 16, and we are moving to Nowhere, we figured we might as well revamp the plan to include some August travel. The problem with driving Southward in August, of course, is that it just gets hotter and hotter as you drive further and further. I’m not that great with extreme heat. Neither are the kids. I remember 4 years ago stopping in Quebec City on the way home from visiting friends in Peterborough…it was about 30 degrees and the kids were entirely unpleasant. Understandably so. Who wants to walk around a hot, sticky, picturesque city with their parents in that kind of heat? They just want to be in water. Can’t say I blame them.

Anyway, back to the now. Which is, it’s too hot to hang out in Florida in August. So, Dev says he wants to go somewhere exotic, and points out that it’s actually “winter” in South America or anywhere else close to or south of the equator. We start looking at guide books and websites for South America, and then we come across the little paragraph that changed the plan. It said that all of what South America has to offer (such as Mayan ruins, jungle wildlife, rain forests, mountains, and tropical-paradise-style beaches) can also be found in Central America, only it’s not so big, so it’s way more manageable. Turns out it doesn’t have yellow fever either, and one less disease to worry about is always a plus.

So, here we go. Time to get the guide books out and check into what needs to happen to get us to Central America by August!

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