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What’s the best way to do budget travel in Europe?

We’ve been starting to think about the whys & wherefores of our European travel…what’s the best way to travel around as a family of five on a budget? There’s the possibility of rail travel perhaps, with a family rail ticket. Or would it be better to rent an RV? Or as one traveller suggested, buy an RV instead. Or do we just drive and pack our tents? To be honest, the more I look at options and prices, the more I think it might just be cheaper to get package deals, or fly and stay in great hotels! By the time you pay for the RV, and then the gas (which is more than double the price of ours in Europe), and then you pay to park it somewhere, I bet you’d more than cover your plane tickets and hotels! Not as adventurous, perhaps, and not really what I have in mind for my year of travel, but seriously, it might actually be the cheapest option in some cases!

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Not another castle, Mom!

I’m wondering how to get the kids interested? I asked them where they’d like to go in our year off, and they said, “Harry Potter World” and to see their cousins. I showed them pictures of what I considered to be awe-inspiring places and asked them if they’d like to see them, and their response was “not really”. What should I be doing to insight interest and curiosity? I want them to choose their own learning experiences, but that will be difficult if their only passion is Harry Potter!!

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