Things You Wouldn’t Necessarily Do Under Normal Circumstances

There are definitely some things I wouldn’t do if I were at home. But here on the road, it’s different.
For example, I would never decide to cut layers into my own (dry) hair because it was really flat one morning. And as a follow up to that, I also wouldn’t snip a little more off here and there every time my hair “didn’t go right”. Nope, I wouldn’t do that.
Another thing I wouldn’t do is let my kids go for days without showering. Or brushing their hair. Or changing their clothes. And when they said something like “Mom, I think this is dirty – I’ve worn it four days in row”, I would not say, “Unless it has stains all over it, it’s clean”.
And back to me. I wouldn’t leave the house without blot powder, eye liner and mascara. It’s been over a month since my shiny face saw any blot powder, and my eyes have all but disappeared due to lack of eyeliner.
I wouldn’t use toilets without seats.
I wouldn’t feed my kids a pack of cookies for lunch.
I wouldn’t “do math” while carving a pumpkin. (But just in case you ever want to, the possibilities are endless! Circumference, estimation of number of seeds, counting by 100s…the list goes on.)
I wouldn’t watch Danse Avec Les Stars on tv. Or Legally Blond in Spanish. Just because.
I wouldn’t inadvertently spend £15 on a big hunk of something I don’t even like at a French open market.

And that’s it for now. Although there are many more. I think this post will warrant a Part II.

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3 thoughts on “Things You Wouldn’t Necessarily Do Under Normal Circumstances

  1. I love this simple post. Love it. THAT is why it is such a powerful experience, to travel. Because we become different creatures out there! Routine rarely evokes colorful changes in ourselves…the same chunks of brain are used over and over again and whole parts of it can go quite dark. I’m smiling for you from Colorado and wondering where you are, vicariously, and hoping you all have a great day today.

  2. Beth_P

    Makes me smile!!

  3. Keri

    LOL! So True! Loved this post 🙂

    Keri – A Roadschooling mom of 2 lil explorers!

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