See this thing? This is the thing that challenged my navigational skills on the way to the campground in Punta Sabbioni. And it just messed me up again coming from the opposite direction. We ended up having to make the same triangle of autostrada detours incurring an extra toll in the process. What a pain!
Otherwise, it’s been pretty good on the roads in Italy. Now that Sat Nav Josie has been banished. The difficult thing about it, though, is that road maps written for English people (including our iPad map) have the Italian place names in English, but the road signs have them in Italian. So, if you don’t know, for example, that Genoa is Genova, Padua is Padova, and Florence is Firenze, you’re kind of in trouble. Be warned.
We are currently on our way to Rome (Roma) with two hours to go. Then we have to sneak into a hotel room with our three kids that only accommodates a maximum of four people. We have to do that again tomorrow night too. If you have three kids and you plan on doing a similar trip, I suggest you leave one of them at home. It will be much easier to find lodging.

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