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Silly Signage

I’m having a love-hate relationship with signs. They frustrate me, but they sometimes make me laugh too. There are many that I just can not read because they are not in my language. Especially those flashing ones that hang above the motorways to tell you of some unintelligible emergency situation up ahead that you should probably avoid. Only the people who speak the native language are able to avoid those particular emergencies. Which is fair. Or not. And then there are the less life endangering, but no less frustrating ones that tell you how to get out of the underground parking lot. Or indeed, how much the parking lot actually costs. Case in point:

Yes, you read it correctly. It costs .044328 euros per minute. Hmmm. What if you only stayed for 3 minutes? Is there a coin for that?
There have also been a few signs I can’t read even though they are in my language. Now, I certainly do not expect everything to be in my language, but I’m thinking if you are going to bother getting a multilingual sign professionally made, you would make sure the English version was actually English? Seems to make sense, right? It is hilarious how many “English” signs there are with random French words thrown in where an English one was seemingly unavailable. Spot the odd word out on this one:


And now for my personal favourite, which will always make me laugh, despite the fact that it took us some time to figure out how to get gas at this self-serve pump near Sauto with its carefully crafted, and very friendly sign in three languages. Take a look at this one:


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