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Greece – worth the effort?

It is now Wednesday, and we still have not decided where we are going when we leave this campground. On Saturday.
We want to go to Greece, but that involves two days travel, at least, and then three or four days travel to the place we are staying in the Pyrenees. Which sucks because that only leaves 3-4 days in Greece. So, will it be spectacular enough to warrant the same amount of travel time as being-there-time? It seems like a “when will we ever be this close to Greece again” kind of situation. But on the other hand, just being in Italy for an extra week would be so relaxing comparatively speaking. And we could spend a few days on the Cote d’Azur in France on the way to the Pyrenees. There’s a great little Picasso museum there I’d love to take the girls to…and the beaches are stunning. And it’s familiar. Dev and I camped there long ago in another life, and he spent weeks down there working a couple of summers, so he knows his way around. Safe choice. Which one should we do?!?!


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