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On Our Way

Well, with the assistance of space-bags (which are like a little miracle), we are on the road to Cornwall. Packing was not that much fun, but we are all in. Hopefully, all the stuff we need is in too…
I forgot Kim’s golden rule last night while packing. The rule is that the only things you really need to pay attention to are kids, money, and passports. Kids sorted, no money anyway, so those two were covered. But, yes, I completely forgot about passports. If I hadn’t randomly opened a drawer at 10pm to find some other item, I would not have seen the passports, and therefore they would not have been in the car right now. Which wouldn’t have been as big a disaster as if we were boarding a plane, but an extra 15 hours driving to go get them would have sucked.
So, note to self, remember the rule – off we go!


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