beautiful Bruges, Belgium

I just thought this very succinct post on Bruges by my lovely and talented daughter was worth reblogging.

Mairi on the Map

Here’s my theory on why Bruges is one of the best places ever:

Bruges is full of chocolate (and not just any chocolate – Belgian chocolate) it’s literally in every second shop. So because there’s so much chocolate, the people who live here are always eating it. And when people are always eating chocolate, they are always happy, because that’s what chocolate does.


Because the people are so happy, they feel like treating their environment with respect and being nice to their animals. That’s why the buildings in Bruges are so beautiful, the swans are so clean and the horses so proud. When the horses are proud and happy to be doing what they are doing, they do their work well, which pleases the people.


Now the people are all happy, so they all feel like making chocolate. . . You can guess what happens next.


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One thought on “beautiful Bruges, Belgium

  1. Kiera Maire Marshall

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy chocolate marble

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