Mountains are Quite High Really.

So today, with the assistance of the new walking shoes, we went on a real hike. Now I think I have a better understanding of what hiking in the Pyrenees is all about. These mountains are huge, and pretty spectacular. Even for someone who has spent a fair bit of time in mountains (not me, obviously), they are stunning. It’s hard to appreciate their grandeur from a distance, but today we went to Les Gorges Caranca and started at the bottom at a pretty little river, and as we wound our way up the side of the gorge, the scenery just got more and more impressive.
And for me, unfortunately, more and more frightening. It’s such a weird feeling. A dichotomy. I want to go up. But somehow I can’t.
I know it’s hard for people who have no fear of heights to understand, but those of you who do will be able to relate. How I ended up marrying the man I married becomes more of a mystery to me as we explore more of this rugged and beautiful area. Opposites attract? I don’t know. He literally vibrates with excitement and enthusiasm when he gets near a mountain, and the higher up we get, and the more “airy” it gets on the path, the more excited he gets.
I vibrate too, but it’s not from excitement. I’m scared up there, and at the risk of sounding completely pathetic, I just don’t get how edging your way along the side of a cliff 1000 meters up in the air is fun. I try to understand. I really do. Some people might think I’m being negative, but I’m not. I enjoyed the hike. The views were amazing, and it’s such a great family thing to do, but when it got to the point where you needed to hold a wire “hand-rail” so you didn’t fall into the gorge, I was done. I tried to go further. I wanted to rise to the challenge. My middle daughter wanted me to as well. She really takes after her father, and it goes without saying he was itching to go further. In fact, he’ll be off up there again on his own in no time, I’m sure. But I couldn’t do it. In some ways, I feel like a bit of a failure, but we still had a great couple of hours on the mountain which we all really enjoyed. It was beautiful, and I’m so glad to be able to experience somewhere so different from where we live. And I loved that as we walked, we met some people who greeted us with Bonjour, and others with Hola. There’s just something so exotic about being so close to three different borders, and sharing the mountains with so many different cultures.
And as an added bonus, on the way home, we saw a guy dragging a dead wild boar up the road, and that’s not something you see every day!






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5 thoughts on “Mountains are Quite High Really.

  1. Donna

    How well I understand, from hiking last month in the Rockies. Companions would say “Look at the view”, and all I could do was look at my feet and put one foot in front of the other, knowing all the time, the way down is much worse. Felt like a failure, somewhat, when I had to quit, when panic rose up in my chest. But, then again, I felt like a conqueror. Fear yes, But the fear didn’t keep me at the foot of the mountain. That is success. So, keep at it—you are an overcomer!

  2. I love the brutal honesty of your blogs. Traveling can be such a challenge, especially for we US folk who have such a big ole country that we just don’t get out of it enough. Even in first world nations the confusions that can assault you are overwhelming combined with jet lag, left-side driving, a total lack of street signs and whatever language barriers may exist. Throw in the kid factor and holy crap, you’re in it for survival. But this is what Life is made up of, the craziness, putting yourself in unpredictable situations that you survive and laugh about (albeit years later perhaps)…I envy your leap and hope to do the same one day when my 4 year old is not 4 anymore. 🙂 We love to travel and dragging our kids along kicking and screaming is definitely in the future Plan. Have fun, drink wine, laugh lots. You’re doing great no matter what because you know what? You.Are.Doing.It.

    • Thank you so much for this message. I was looking at your blog last night and I was so impressed by your writing, photos, and what your kids have accomplished already in their young lives (with their young legs!). Your style reminded me of mine in many ways…a kindred spirit, I think. I really appreciate your words of encouragement. Because sometimes it takes someone else’s words to remind you that even the failures are successes! Happy Travels!

      • I’ll enjoy following your travels. Your pictures of Santorini are lovely – can’t wait to go there some day…maybe for a month like you said. A girl can dream. – stay sane (hahahaha) and remember that my kids fight with each other way more than yours. 😉

  3. nita clayton

    Hi Guys, managing to keep up with the blog even though computer still down – using Andrea’s.. Love the blog Jane it really puts me in touch with you all – can just see Dev on the mountain and I know the expression you mean. Well done to you and the girls – it’s a real challenge – very brave!! Love to the girls and Dev – Nita x

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