A Lot Less Luggage

My very well travelled and worldly friend Kim emailed me just as we were leaving for this trip to tell me never to leave anything we valued in the car. Well, that’s pretty difficult when your car is kind of your home, but we have tried to be careful. But now we are travelling lighter.
Our flight from Athens to Rome was delayed on Saturday, so instead of being able to go into Rome to visit the Colosseum and The Vatican, we had to stay at our airport hotel for the evening. Because of this, we decided to leave the hotel early in the morning, and see the sights before we began the drive to Nice. So, we did some research, and asked the hotel staff, and the plan we came up with was to drive as far as the outermost Metro stop (where, according to the map, there was parking), and then take the metro into the city. Hotel staff thought this was a good plan – not driving into the city avoids massive congestion charges, and we would only be leaving the car for a couple of hours. The expected parking lot didn’t actually materialize, but there was some parking on the street outside the station, so off we went.
Unfortunately, while we were touring the Colosseum and getting our picture taken with very overpriced gladiators, someone was smashing our car window and making off with the vast majority of our luggage. When we returned to our car, quite jubilant from our visit to such an amazing site, and proud of ourselves for having navigated the metro without a hitch, still in good time for the long drive to Nice, we found the back seat of the car full of glass, two out of three of our suitcases gone, and the kids backpacks too. The really heavy suitcase full of math books remained. The irony.
Now, the really bad part of this is not our clothes, cosmetics and toiletries, vitamins and medicines, shoes, bathing suits, masks and snorkels, address books, netbook, iPods, all our chargers, and all the bags, although all this is mighty inconvenient. The really bad part is the kid’s journals that they have been keeping faithfully since we left home, and their teddies that they have had since birth. This is what makes me most upset and angry. How dare they mess with our children’s security? And what use are teddy bears and journals to a thief? They could have at least thrown them out nearby so we could get them back. There were many other little things in the kids’ bags that were important to them, the things they chose to bring on this trip, as well as souvenirs from their travels so far, but because we had just returned from our “backpacking” holiday in Greece, the bags were heavy, and we didn’t want them to have to cart them around Rome. And as it was 8:30 on a Sunday morning, it seemed like it would be ok. Not so much.
We have been trying very hard to focus on the positives. It’s just stuff. We are all ok. We had the ipad, wallets, passports and cameras with us (although we can’t charge them now anyway…). The window that was smashed was a small one, and we were able to patch it up and get on our way with only a couple of hours delay at the police station. We did not lose the car. We did not lose a child. There are so many positives.
But I’m still angry sometimes. And I’m still sad sometimes. And I’m so sorry for the girls’ losses. Although, again, these are not losses compared to those they could have been. But if I could get one thing back, it would be a $20 teddy bear, not an ipod touch or my new sneakers…
Moving on.
When we finally got to Nice and found our apartment, it was about 10:30 pm and it was a dirty smelly hole. We slept with the kids, and in the morning, we left. Despite the fact we were supposed to stay for two nights. It was gross, and it wasn’t as if we were going to have fun looking around Nice in our car with the window out wearing the same dirty clothes we had on all night and the day before. We didn’t even have a toothbrush. That made the dirty apartment seem even dirtier.
So, what have we learned? What wisdom can we impart to future travellers? I’m not exactly sure, but I’m thinking, don’t go anywhere unless you can get secure parking, cover all your stuff with a blanket so it looks less tempting(?), and I’m guessing having a car without foreign plates would be good. Although that may be tricky. And possibly illegal.





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8 thoughts on “A Lot Less Luggage

  1. Maria Lavoie

    Jane and gang,
    I’m so sorry this happened to you…reading your blog (faithfully) I feel like I’m following a soap opera. You have an amazing attitude and Oh the stories you will tell! Take care of yourselves.

  2. linda mckittrick

    Jane and Dev,

    Sorry to hear this happened to all of you, I can imagine how upsetting the loss of the personal items are, but you are a strong team and the adventure must go on . This will not dampen the family spirits for long I’m sure, good things will be around the next corner. Good luck Linda.

  3. Lara Ryan

    My heart breaks for the girls! J would be inconsolable without Lamby and snuggle and I’m sure I wouldn’t be far behind. That special combo was the only thing she grabbed during our disaster. She’s feeling bad for the girls and sending love. xoxo

  4. Donna

    I understand your anger. The senseless violation! And yet, our security is not in the things we own, for if it was, our things would own us! I know that you will regroup, and in the years to come, this will become a significant part of the story, to which everyone in your family will relate. It is not the ordinary we remember. Love to you all. Donna

    • You’re right of course, Donna. I read your comment to the girls and Darragh said, “that’s a bit wise old owl ish”. Darragh is the one who is struggling the most because to her, Cal, her teddy, is real with real feelings. It’s like she’s grieving a person. It will make her stronger, though!

      Sent from my iPad

  5. Michelle

    Jane I wish I could hug you all right now.We find comfort in lots of things,people and places.It is unique for all of us.Darragh is grieving a loss.Grieving people need lots of reassurance that it is ok to feel sad but it will get better.Kids are resilient that is their greatest strength.So carry on as you must.Continue to find the positives wherever you can.And know that we all feel for you guys and are so proud of your courage and strength.You and Dev are raising amazing children in a world that sometimes is not so amazing.xoxo

  6. After reading this post we will be extra careful when leaving the car anywhere with our luggage in it! Working my way through your blog as we prepare to depart on 8 Nov for our own adventure! Any tips you can pass on will be very much appreciated! JB

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