Meet Toronto

So, it has begun…here we are in Toronto. We are at a great hotel, Intercontinental Toronto Centre, in a great suite, with a great pool. We had a great night’s sleep last night, and now we have the day in the city before we head to the airport to fly to England tonight. For me, everything feels better now that we are actually on the road – all the stuff we had to do before we left is either done or not done, and if it’s not done, there’s nothing we can do about it now. We now have in our possession only that with which we are travelling, so there’s nothing to sort, no more what-to-take-and-what-not-to-take decisions to make. It’s exciting, and we are starting it off with a bang in this hotel! (This level of luxury is a one-time only experience, so we are enjoying it immensely.)
This morning, we are taking the kids up the CN Tower. Yesterday, they rode the subway for the first time, we got caught in a huge thunderstorm on Yonge Street, and they wondered about a lot of things…why all the vents in the sidewalks, why does water squirt up out of some of them, why are they hot, why does wind blow up others…I’m wondering all those things too. Time for me to do some learning along with them, I think!
Of course, Liah announced yesterday on the plane that she doesn’t want to go on the trip anyway. She hates trips apparently. And Darragh had a moment too where she said she just wants to go home to her bunkbed (which of course, is not actually at home, but rather in a tractor trailer). They will be fine when they get to have a few weeks with family in England, though. It’s funny how it never really occurred to me that the kids wouldn’t actually want to do the travellling adventure, but it makes sense that they would approach it with some trepidation. After all, their mother has clearly been a little anxious over it recently. Amazing how different it feels now that we are on our way!



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