The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow…

There will be days, says Dev, where nothing goes right. We’d better get used to that. It really is amazing what can happen in the space of 24 hours though, and we need to trust the fact that it will always be ok. Because it will. Our pediatrician told us the other day that there will never be a problem we can’t handle. I think that has to be a bit of a mantra when things are uncertain, as they undoubtedly will be, over the next several months.

Yesterday, it was looking like we would have to revisit our whole transportation-in-Europe plan. We were going to buy a minivan in England, and use it to travel in Europe, and then sell when we are finished. One of Dev’s siblings was going to insure it for us and then name us as drivers, and all would be well.

So then, we found the vehicle we wanted, and tried to set the wheels in motion, but the wheels kept getting stuck. Things don’t actually work the same way over there, apparently. You can’t just buy a vehicle and drive it off the lot; everything has to be registered and taxed through the mail. Really! The mail! In this age of technology and information, we have to wait for the mailman to deliver our tax and registration. Amazing.

And then there’s the insurance. No, the siblings can’t insure for us because then we’d have to stay in the UK. And apparently being a good driver in one country does not actually make you a good driver anywhere else. So, the 20 years no-claims Dev has may not be at all useful. Even though the world wide web can actually inform the insurance company that Dev has not, indeed, had any claims. And even though he’s British, with a British drivers license, and 5 years British no-claims…don’t even get me started.

Luckily for us, we have great family in England who have spent the last couple of days looking into it for us, and we have been in contact with a very helpful man named Andrew at Evans Halshaw in England, and I think we now actually have a new vehicle:) It will even be ready for someone to come and pick us up at the airport. It’s a Citroen Grand Picasso, a gas (petrol)-guzzling machine that despite it’s appetite, will get us around Europe on our own schedule. With room for kids, bags, and tents. It’s all good.

The moral of the story then, is, when there is a day of frustration or things don’t seem to be going well, the next day will be better. This particular incident is minor really, so when we miss the plane or the boat or the train, we’ll get the next one. And when that amazing place is all booked up and we are disappointed, there will be another, equally amazing place we didn’t see the first time we looked. And we’ll book that one instead.

And as Annie so famously says, the sun will come out tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow…

  1. Dave and Liz

    I can’t believe how excited I am about your “trip”, and I’m not even going (but still open to offers).
    Not long now. 🙂
    We’re back in the UK on the 7th. I can help you out with Maths materials if you’d like. Technology is the key.
    Not wishing to add to your organisational challenges, but if you’re doing lots of mileage (or kilometreage?) in Europe, wouldn’t you be better off with a LH drive?

    • We would love your help with math materials! Dev is actually going to be the “math teacher”, so you and he can discuss over a beverage…or perhaps without the beverage would be more productive.
      As for the LH drive – never thought of it, and its too late now:(

  2. The other lesson is not to assume that anything works the way it does it home, that European bureaucracy is a beast unto itself even in England, and that there is always a solution to every travel dilemma! A great post of learnimgs for all of us.

    Thanks for posting!

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