How Things Change…

Sometimes, you just have to give in. That’s what I did the other night. Yes, it felt pathetic on some level, but I had to admit to myself and my family that the plan was over-ambitious, and it was doing me in. I think it was a relief for everyone, actually.

So, now we are not heading to Central America in the suffocating humidity of August with the killer mosquitos; we are, instead, heading to flood-drenched England for some mosquito-free “home” time. This makes us feel better.

This whole venture is big, and we knew that going in, but as I think I may have mentioned before, until it is imminent, it all seems quite doable. Then when its all happening at once, it becomes a bit of a problem. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and practically. Of course, as our good Kingston neighbour pointed out, we did know it was all coming…it would seem we’re not the best planners in the world.

So, we turned the plan upside-down, and now all things seem slightly calmer. We are spending August in England, and then heading to the European mainland at the beginning of September. That way, we have August staying with family, and we can get our feet under us and do some less stressful planning for the remainder of our year. We fly out on August 1 (all booked and everything!). And so it begins…

ps. we do still hope to travel to Central America, but on the way back, when we’re a little more “seasoned”!

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3 thoughts on “How Things Change…

  1. Allie

    Love the blog….Always a great way to find out the MAJOR things that are happening in your lives. Wow! Go big, or go home. Better yet, Go big, sell your home! Just wanted to let you know that we are friends with a wonderful family from Belize, and that a few of my students’ families travelled with them to Belize. They might be great to chat with, if you’re considering going there. :o) If you’d like their contact info, I could get it from them. Awesome family, easy to chat with, great source of info. Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures! Devriesfam is subscribed to your blog …

  2. Allie

    By the way, roadschoolers are pretty close to homeschoolers. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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